Last Minute Info IMPORTANT

Last update: Wednesday September 4, 2019

Lost and Found:

  • Woman’s hoodie XS. Purple
  • Women’s woven shoes. Grey and black
  • FOUND! Women’s sports pants: SuperDry. black
  • Child’s jacket, name inside: Carolina. Pink
  • Child’s beach hat, kitty face and ears. Pink and white
  • Men’s beach shoes. Camouflage
  • Men’s beach shoe. Blue and white
  • Denim cap.  Green
  • Waterproof cap with back flap. Tan
  • Sunglasses. Bright green
  • Beach towel. Apple green
  • Aluminum ECOVessel drinking gourd. Silver and gray

Send an email to

Important Information below on the following subjects:  Team Captains’ responsibilities, Directions, Parking, What to wear, Weather updates, Extra Paddlers,  Fundraisers Cup CHALLENGE, Tombola, Kiddieland, Mini-Dragon Boat races, What to do between races, Indoor Rowing Challenge, English language Book sale, Food and Beverage stands,  WiFi, Pets, Therapy/Massage Tent

Dear Captains and Team members,

The big races on Lac de Joux are days away! Click here to see the complete RACE SCHEDULE


There’s been loads of activity online in the RACE for the Fundraisers CHALLENGE CUP!

  • Click HERE to see where your team is positioned!
  • Support your team and ESCA CancerSupport by helping your team win the coveted CHALLENGE CUP !
  • Click HERE to donate to your team, or send this link to your family and friends to support you and your team’s efforts!  Donations are accepted until 15h00 on Sunday!  We’d love to see you in the winner’s circle collecting the CHALLENGE cup!  Keep going!
  • The WINNER and RUNNER UP for the CHALLENGE will receive a trophy cup, champagne and our heartfelt thanks!




ALL CAPTAINS are expected to:

  • SUBMIT the TEAM LIST/WAIVER BEFORE 17h00 Monday 26 August.  Instructions below on this page.
  • REGISTRATION is the first stop for ALL CAPTAINS, to find your team’s RACE PACK. See site MAP
  • ATTEND THE CAPTAINS BRIEFING immediately after you REGISTER.  It’s VITAL for team captains to be aware of any possible changes so you can relay them to your team members.


  • Some teams may need a stand-in or two on Sunday.  Paddling is great FUN, right?!   Please contact us in advance if you have a family member,  a friend, or  a colleague who wants to give it a go on Sunday.  We’ll connect this person with a grateful team who would like to adopt for the day!  Must be at least 15 years old.
  • On Sunday morning go to the the Registration & Info Tent to sign up OR to adopt a paddler for the day.  Site MAP

DIRECTIONS to L’Abbaye and PARKING.  You’ll be directed by parking officials in l’Abbaye.  The later you arrive, the longer the walk to the Festival.   STREET parking must be vacated before 5:30pm


  • At the moment the weather is looking good, but all things can change!  Keep our fingers (and toes) crossed.   The races will go on even if it’s raining. The only issue that could delay or stop racing would be high, dangerous winds or storm conditions and so far, that does not seem to be a problem.
  • Dress accordingly for all conditions; layering is good.  Bring a change of dry clothes and bring shoes to wear on the stony shore.  Don’t forget to dress your children well too!

FREE WiFi at the Festival is graciously offered by SEVJ, Société Electrique de la Vallée de Joux SA.

  • SSID access name: (to be confirmed)


  • 3 fabulous prices:  an Apple Watch!   Z Ray inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard!  And a state-of-the-art HOTBIN composting unit! Click HERE for prize details
  • Drawing will be at 3pm and you must be present in the Registration Area to win.  Ask a friend to monitor your ticket number if you can’t be present.  Site MAP
  • Tickets are 20CHF ea.

FURRY FRIENDS are beloved, but leave them at home if you can. They’ll thank you for it!


  • CELEBRATION and REMEMBRANCE BANNER. Come by the ESCA CS Community Tent and write a word to two on the 2019 banner to Celebrate survivors and Remember  your loved ones.
  • INDOOR ROWING COMPETITION for Teams of 4, or Individuals in multiple categories.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY TENT runs from 10h until 15h. Register in advance when you arrive!  A 20CHF donations gives you a 15 minute massage. All proceeds go to ESCA CancerSupport.
  • BOOK SALE Tent.  A wide variety of English language books are available for a small amount.  Find a good book to start while waiting for your next race!  All proceeds are donated to ESCA CancerSupport.  Thank you for your love of books!
  • FOOD and DRINKS are available on site.  There are a variety of foods available at the stands and take note that 15% of all that you purchase is donated back to ESCA CancerSupport.  100% of the proceeds from the drinks purchased are donated back.  Thank you in advance for NOT bringing a packed lunch from home 🙂 Wines are sponsored by Schenk Family Estates.
  • KIDDIELAND is FREE for all kids between 6-15 years old. Click HERE for information
  • MINI-DRAGON BOAT RACES are FREE too, but you must register in advance.  Click HERE for information 

We really look forward to seeing everyone on the 1st of September !! We will do our best to make sure Paddle for CancerSupport is fun, competitive and most of all, SAFE for you and your team members.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so so much for your support !

Your grateful ESCA Paddle for CancerSupport Team


 must be submitted BEFORE 17h00 Monday 26 August, please.
To fill in the TEAM LIST/WAIVER, simply:

  1. LOGIN using your email and password you created when you registered your team
  2. Click on EDIT PROFILE and you can ADD MEMBERS to your team. You must fill in a FIRST NAME and a LAST NAME and a minimum of 10 names in order to sign the waiver and submit.
  3. After you have filled in your list, Click UPDATE PROFILE.
  4. Then when you are ready and your list is final, click SIGN WAIVER and sign either for the whole team as the team captain or choose to have each team member sign the printed waiver.
  5. Click SUBMIT
  6. You will then receive a copy of your team list via email as will we. Please print this list and take it to the REGISTRATION stand on the morning of Sunday 2 September to officially register your team.  Registering means that you and your team are present and ready to race! AND WIN!
  7. If you have ANY difficulties, do not hesitate to ask for our help!!!!
  8.  NOTE: The TEAM LIST/WAIVER will ask if all the paddlers can swim AND that you read the Terms & Conditions.  Also it will ask permission of the team members to appear in the company team photo. To comply with the GDPR, we must ask your permission on the WAIVER to post photos and videos that may include you. We hope you will allow us to share fun moments with others.